Rhinos Member of the Month

November 2017


We are delighted to announce Willie Mcleish as Rhino's Member of the Month for November 2017. 

Willie has been a member since May 2016

Within the last year he has made some remarkable improvements, losing a lot of weight and completely transforming his physique. 

He is a very consistent, and can be often be seen training with his son Finlay many times a week. 

A genuinely nice guy, Willie often promotes Rhino's on social media and frequently wears the Rhino's T Shirt. 

Please join us in congratulating Willie on his achievements. 

October 2017


We are delighted to announce Brandon Marjoram as member of the month for October.

Brandon has been an integral part of Rhino’s for the past two years.

He is Rhino’s own resident personal trainer. 

We all know Brandon for his expertise in training bodybuilders and prepping them for competition for which he has a tremendous track record.

The last two years he has prepped 25 clients for the Rhino’s Classic alone along with many other local, national and international competitions.

His client base is extremely diverse not limited to just bodybuilders but ladies and gentlemen of all ages and abilities.
He also an amazing track record with disabled clients, such as stroke and Parkinson victims.

For those that know Brandon his personal training support goes much further than just training, often providing emotional support and building overall client confidence.

Brandon has a very subtle and dry sense of humour helping to lightenthe day. 

He won’t mind us saying that he his “old school” and likes to do thingsthe right way with strong morals and values.

A well decorated British and World Champion Bodybuilder in his own right we are honoured to have not only your skills and expertise here at Rhino’s but your experience within the fitness industry to tap into.

In summary Brandon epitomises what Rhino’s is all about :- Professional, caring and supportive!

A genuine and heartfelt thank you for what you bring to both your clients and to Rhino’s in general.

September 2017


I am absolutely delighted to announce that Daniel McCafferty is theRhino's Member of the Month for September 2017 

Dan has been a Rhino's member for over two and a half years, during which time he has made remarkable improvements going from a general gym user to a strong competitive bodybuilder, culminating in his most recent achievement, winning the IBFA Mr Lincolnshire Tall Athletic bodybuilding class beating six other quality competitors and receiving an invite to the IBFA British Finals. 

Dan's success is not down to good fortune, it is simply a true testamentof dedication, commitment and hard work.

The journey Dan has made over last couple of years, the improvements he has made and his dedication to the cause is quite incredible.

I'm sure that Dan wouldnt mind me saying that he doesn't have god given genetics but he makes up for that in abundance in the sheer effort, hard work and importantly willingness to learn and develop.
He is also one of few that sticks to a plan provided by his coach 
Brandon, proving if you do results will come.

Many others could learn a lot from his work ethic and determination. 

Special mention to his mate and gym buddy Chris Grint for the support and motivation he has given Dan. 

Dan is also a great advocate and ambassador for Rhino's and a genuinely nice guy, even if he does 'grunt' a little on leg day.

Please join me in congratulating Dan and wish him more success in thefuture.

August 2017


I am delighted to announce Nathan Willimer as Rhino's member of the month for August 2017.


He is a long serving member who has made great progress.


Nathan's passion and focus is on Strongman training and entering Strongman competitions


He has taken part in four competitions to date :-
The first being the Rhino's Strongman, followed by Peterborough's Strongest Viking.


The massive BodyPower Strongman comp where he came a very credible 35 out of 85 and the East of England strongest novice coming 13 out of 34

Nathan is currently training hard for next years comps where he plans to move up from the Novices to the Inters. 

What impresses me about Nathan is his constant progression and self development, often beating personal bests and training in a very structured way to resolve his areas for improvement, something he has had great success doing. 

He has also donated items of equipment to the gym and is just an all round genuinely nice guy !

Please join me in congratulating Nathan on this award and future success

July 2017


I am delighted to announce Demi Johal as Rhino's Member of the Month for July 2017

Demi has been a Rhino's member since January 2015 and a regular PT client of Brandon. 

Demi has completely transformed her physique over the past 7 months losing a total of 4 stone , going from 85kg to 59kg currently, through a combination of hard training and consistent diet. 

She has achieved a good level of muscularity whilst maintaining femininity, something we always look for in ladies bodybuilding, top job !

Her level of self motivation and dedication sticking to her own diet, never wavering is highly commendable and an indication of what can be achieved with such great self discipline. 

Please join me in congratulating Demi on her achievement and such fantastic results.

June 2017


I am absolutely delighted to announce Sandra Williams as Rhino'smember of the Month for June.

She has been a member at Rhino's for over three years.

Sandra has COPD and is recovering from a stroke in March. 
She has shown an immense amount of grit and determination and theimprovements she has made have quite simply been remarkable!

However the most impressive thing is her outlook on life, she is always smiling and cheerful. It really is a pleasure to have you around the gym.

Sandra, you are a true inspiration to all. 

Keep up the great work.

Please join me congratulating Sandra on her achievements.

May 2017


I am delighted to announce Rhino's member of the Month for May as Steve Balchin

Steve has been a member since the day we opened, in fact he was trying out the kit even before we opened our doors !

Steve trains very consistently and hard.
With over 40 years gym experience, he is always on hand to help, advise and assist other members. 

A real character of the gym, you can always rely on Steve for an opinion.
Steve is a great advocate and ambassador of Rhino's.

Thoroughly well deserved, please join me in congratulating Steve on his achievement.

April 2017


I am delighted to announce Charlotte Louise Bone as Rhino's member of the month.

Charlotte is a long serving Rhino's member , she trains consistently hard with the results to show, always pushing herself and trying new techniques, often seen training in the functional area as well as theresistance area.

Showing a great deal of self motivation Charlotte often trains on her own , cracking on with no fuss.

She is also a great ambassador for the gym, often promoting Rhino's on social media.

Charlotte has made significant improvements in strength and built a great physique and an inspiration to others.

Please join me in congratulating Charlotte on her achievement

March 2017


I am delighted to announce Cathryn Fiddler as Member of the Month for March:-

Cathryn is very consistent and regular with her training. 
Always pushing herself to improve and trains in various ways.
She is very cheerful and creates a great vibe in the gym. 
Cathryn has a great work ethic.
Please join me in congratulating Cathryn on her achievement!

February 2017


I am delighted to announce that the member of the month award for February is a joint award and goes to Peter Hensman & Malcolm Stones !

Both lads have been Rhinos members for three years and eighteen months respectively.

Both very loyal and deserving winners, they train together consistently hard, pushing and encouraging each other and constantly breaking personal bests.
Pete holds the squat & deadlift records and Malc holds the Military Press record, in the over 110kg category. 

Both love Rhinos and actively promote the gym on social media.

They both competed in last years Rhinos strongman event and also support Rhinos gym tours. 

They are both genuinely nice guys and help others in the gym. 

They are an integral part of the Rhino's strongman community.

They nearly always train together so it makes sense to award this as a joint award .

Please join me in congratulating a couple of Rhino's real characters, thegentle giants that are "Malc & Pete" in a great achievement.


January 2017


I am delighted to announce Richard Johnson as Rhino's member of the Month for January 2017
Rich has been a member since September 2013, over 3 years. 

He trains very consistently and hard, and has built a great physique. He keeps himself in good shape all year round. 

A genuinely nice guy who just cracks on with his training with no fuss, it's a pleasure to have you around the gym. 

Please join me in congratulating Rich

December 2016


I am delighted to announce that the Member of the Month award for December , is a joint award, and goes to :-

Gareth "Taff" Williams
Lee "Mac" McCullough

Both Taff & Mac are established members and train very regularly and intensely.

In the summer of last year they both decided to embark on a big challenge for charity. 

They both decided to compete in the Rhino's Classic Bodybuilding show ! 

Neither having competed before this was a big ask, but both the lads stuck to the task with grit and determination, never moaning once duringthe whole of the twenty week competition preparation.

Taff competed in both the Novice & Classic categories and Mac in thePhysique category 

The results they both brought to the stage were simply outstanding, dropping tens of kilos of body fat, and looking the real deal on stage. Both achieving the best condition of their lives and a credit to natural bodybuilders.
At the same time they raised over £500 for the charity "Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association"

On top of that they are both genuinely nice guys , who support the gym and partake in a bit of friendly gym banter.

Please join me in congratulating them both on this great achievement.

November 2016


I am delighted to announce the Member of the Month for November as Stephen Harper.

Stephen has been a member for nearly three years.
He trains consistently hard, has lost a significant amount of weight and got himself in great condition.

Stephen is a very regular member and simply cracks on with his training, with no fuss and great intensity.

Please join me in congratulating Stephen on his achievement.

October 2016


It gives me great pleasure to announce Mark Bennett as member of the month for October. 

Mark has had an incredible year, competing in his first ever bodybuilding competition, where he placed third in an incredibly tough Junior line up and gave a great account of himself in the Classic category, one of thetoughest classes of the day. 

Mark underwent a 16 week competition prep and brought to the stage one of the best conditioned physiques out of the 55 athletes on stage (see transformation picture below) 

There were many other worthy contenders for the award this month with so many Rhino's members excelling at the Classic, which makes Mark's achievement even greater. 

So what set Mark apart ? He basically stuck to the plan without question and through the real tough times never moaned or complained !

He has also worked hard on his areas of weakness and developed these, namely legs and now has a decent set of wheels. 
He also worked extremely hard on his posing. 

Mark won't mind me saying, that he has proved a number of people wrong and showed a great deal of grit and determination to step on stage and exceed expectations. 

Mark, also helps at the gym at the end of each shift, tidying the gym and putting weights away. 

Please join me in congratulating Mark on this award.

September 2016


I am delighted to announce Ben Evans as member of the month for September.

Ben has been a Rhino's member since we opened in June 2013

He consistently trains hard and heavy and has made significant improvements. 

Ben is always up for a challenge and threw himself whole heartedly into the recent Rhino's strongman competition, surprising a lot of people with his impressive strength coming third in the under 105kg category to two regular strongman competitors, receiving praise from the legendary Geoff Capes.

Add to this, Ben has recently broken two gym records :-
Firstly the Under 90kg weight category bench press record , with a great lift of 150kg
and also 
The seated military press record with a lift of 110kg 

Been is a genuinely nice guy.

I think you will all agree, a very worthy winner, please join me in congratulating Ben on this award 


August 2016


I am delighted to announce Rylan Orchard as Rhino's Member of the Month for August.

Rylan has been a Rhino's member since we opened in June 2013

He always keeps himself in good shape all year round.
Through the year Rylan often embarks on a self managed training and diet program to get into even better shape, equivalent to contest shape, for a holiday or similar.
He can often be seen in the gym twice or more a day during these periods doing intense cardio in addition to his weight program. 
This takes an incredible amount of will-power and self discipline.

He has learnt a lot about his body and physique. 
He trains with good form and technique, resulting in a well balanced, great physique.
I'm hopeful that one day he will display his hard work on stage.

Rylan is a jovial character, regularly joining in with the friendly gym banter along with his great circle of friends. All part of the Rhino's family .

Please join me in congratulating Rylan as a very worthy winner.

July 2016


I am delighted to award this months member of the month to Tomasz Ustyniak

Tomasz has been a member since June 2015.
He consistently trains hard, pushing himself to the limit, making great improvements.
He is a very active and supportive Rhino's member. 
He leads by example in putting his equipment away. 
He has, off his own back provided the 'tornado ball' and strong man beer keg for the gym.
He has also offered, without asking to assist in the forthcoming 
Rhino's Classic 2016 .
On top of all this Tomasz is also going to be competing in the in-house Rhino's Strongman competition on the 25th of September.

Great support Tomasz.

Please join me in congratulating Tomasz as a very worthy winner.

January 2016


I am delighted to announce Stephen Mount as the winner of the member of the month for January.

Stephen has been a Rhino's member since November 2014
He trains consistently hard and has made significant improvements. 
Stephen also brings and cares for a number of students from Wild's Lodge , residential therapeutic school to train at Rhino's.
Stephen is a great advocate of the gym and not only promotes the gym well he comes up with ideas for improvements, such as the Rhino's Classic show.
He is a genuinely nice guy, always willing to help or just chat.
Please join me in congratulating Stephen on this months award.

March 2015


It gives me great pleasure to announce James Harrison as Rhino'sMember of the Month for March. 

James is a long serving member of Rhino's with a truly remarkable story. 
James has Cerebal Palsy and over the course of the last year he has completely transformed his physique. Through proper training techniques he has corrected a twisted spine. He has also become a heavyweight boxer. 
He has undertaken self learning, always asks for and listens to advice as well as obtaining his gym instructor and personal trainer qualifications. 
James has a very un-assuming character and is always willing to help others in the gym. 
A model young man who is committed to his training and helping others.
James is off to University in September to further his career in thefitness industry, please join me in wishing him every success.

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