Mission Statement 

 "Just a traditional honest, family run gym... The way it should be..." 


Company Vision 

 Three main components will characterise and drive the business: People, Service and Productivity 

People: Create an environment where people want to work out rather than need to. 

Service: Customer service leads to success. 

Productivity: Stay current, up-to-date and stay lean. 


Business Goals and Objectives

  • Low Prices
  • Offer a diverse product/services (Functional equipment, extensive elite facilities)


Business Philosophy 

 Many businesses are driven purely by profit and have a myopic perspective on financial performance. Rhino's Gymnasium Limited will start with the customer and their respective needs. The adage of the ‘customer is always right’ is what will drive business. Clients are more likely to return and give referrals if treated properly, increasing their lifetime value to the business. Maximising customer lifetime value will be an important core philosophy. Rather than focus on transactions, the focus will be on customer connections. For a small, independently owned business, personal connections produce customer loyalty and repeat business. Perhaps more importantly, personal connections have the ability to produce satisfied customers, which in turn reflects the product and generates referrals. In addition to personal connections, the business will emphasise innovation. Innovation will not only pertain to product/program offerings, but to creative business solutions. Creative solutions to business issues (strategic partnerships, creative marketing/advertising, database and payment management, etc.) help establish a tone to the day‐to‐day operations as well as helping to establish a brand identity Create an atmosphere and environment (almost social) where people want to return.


Target Market

Those who wish to improve or maintain their personal health.


 Company Strengths and Core Competencies 

 The primary strength is differentiated through impeccable customer service and unique ambiance. In addition, the gymnasium will offer quality products (equipment, facilities, etc...) and quality services (personal training, classes etc...). Over the years, gyms have become a commodity in that there are not many differentiating factors. This is why differentiation is key. For the chosen demographic, a large volume of product offerings is not an important factor. As a result Rhino's Gymnasium will not focus on product offering, instead the service and “feel” of the gym will set Rhino's apart. 


Legal Form of Ownership

The Legal Form of Ownership of Rhinos Gymnasium is of a Private Limited Liability Company and was established as RHINO'S GYMNASIUM LIMITED on the 22nd of June 2012.

We are located at:

Rhino's Gymnasium

Unit 22, Gwash Way Industrial Estate

Ryhall Road




Opening Times


Monday - Friday - 06:00-21:30


Saturday - Sunday - 07:00-20:00


Bank Holidays - 08:00-17:00

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(+44) 07554219400


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U.K "Super Gym" - Men's Fitness Magazine 2015.


The UKs Best Gym - Men's Health Magazine 2016


Listed as One of the Best Gyms in the World" -  Men's Health Magazine 2016. 

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