How We Started

We would like to formally introduce the owners of Rhino’s and tell you a little bit about how we started and what we are about, along with our Vision and Values:-

Who are Rhino’s:-

Rhino’s is a family business, owned by father and son, Nick and Samuel Swann. It is currently being run by Nick and his wife Linda, all of whom have lived in the Stamford area all their lives.

Nick is probably best known for his many years as captain and wicket keeper for Barnack Cricket Club, as well as a respected senior manager at Cummins Generator Technologies, Stamford.

Samuel played football for Ryhall United for many years prior to commencing a career in natural bodybuilding.

Linda, has worked in administration for ten years, has been a long standing member of Barnsdale leisure club.

So how did Rhino’s come about:-

After training at Barnsdale for over a year, Sam outgrew the gym, so both Nick and Sam trained at Bodyshapers in Kettering, training six days and travelling over 300 miles a week. Both absolutely love the feel , the atmosphere and camaraderie within a traditional style gym.

After training at Bodyshapers for a few months, Sam was encouraged to compete in a bodybuilding competition, which he did winning the inaugural UKDFBA (United Kingdom Natural Body Building Association) teenage championship at his first attempt, he was then invited to compete in the WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Championships) in New York where he came a very credible runner up.

The following year (2012) Sam won the BNBF (British Natural Bodybuilding Federation) Northern Championship in Manchester and a couple of months later won the NPA (Natural Physique Association) Midlands Championship in Stratford Upon Avon.

So the passion was born. Both Sam and Nick are local lads and wanted to bring the same experience that they have at Kettering to Stamford. Sam and Nick will be eternally grateful to Bodyshapers for their support.

The opportunity arose to open a gym on Ryhall Road so the pair grasped it. The vision for Rhinos is for a honest, traditional, family run gym. Where people can come and train and have some fun and create new friends.


Who do we appeal to ?:-

Rhinos appeals to and accommodates everyone, all from a diverse range of fitness, from an extensive range of classes including pilates,& yoga, to cardio vascular, resistance, strength and functional right through to the heavy hard-core trainer, and all training in perfect harmony.

We cater for all abilities, including the advanced and experienced athlete but also cater for the beginner, we were all there once, I’m sure we all remember how daunting our first steps into a gym were, we understand that, we will make everyone welcome, comfortable and look after them.

We appeal to the casual trainer, as well as the serious trainer, all are welcome.

We make training fun, most of all we work to create a great atmosphere and feel around the gym, where people look forward to coming to train.

One of the greatest pleasures Sam and Nick have had at Bodyshapers is helping other people, Sam with his experience in transforming his body and sharing his experiences with others including advice on training, nutrition and supplements, and Nick’s experience in building a strong team.

Rhinos is incredibly friendly , non-intimidating, and warm welcoming. There is only one rule - you have to smile and have fun.

We will look after our staff and work with resident Personal Trainers, Guest Personal Trainers, Studio & Therapy Manager and Class Instructors a to provide the very best facilities.


Our main core value is Integrity, we say what we do and are honest, we deliver on our promises, if we say we will do something, we will.

We are customer focused, we have both worked in an environment where customer service excellence is paramount, and we do everything to ensure that your experience at Rhino’s exceeds your expectations. We are always listening to our customers opinions and welcome to any feedback.

We are innovative, we offer a different style of gymnasium, this is borne out by the inclusion of a huge, extensive functional area.

Continous development; we develop and continually improve the gym to suit our member’s requirements. If enough members want a piece of equipment we don’t have we provide it.

Rhinos has built a phenomenal team with a diverse range of skills and background and massive amount of experience and knowledge.

We are friendly and approachable, we like to have fun, some of the best training sessions we have had have been when there has been a lot of gym banter, that is what we aim to create at Rhino’s
Rhino’s is our passion, even a labour of love, we are fair, open and honest with our members.

We understand that this is a people business and will listen to what you want, our Personal Trainers have been carefully selected for not only their skills, but for their personalities and characters. We will get great pleasure in supporting both our staff and customers in their own personal development within fitness.

Most of all we will keep our promises, integrity is our main core value.


Products and Services:-

The gym layout is carefully designed in specific areas so that all members feel comfortable and not intimidated and at the same time complementing each other. In essence it starts with the softer cardio area, progressing to a stretching/matting area with light weights and resistance area, followed by a strength and an extensive functional area at the back of the gym. We also have a self-contained Class & Studio area.

We have a diverse range of equipment and training facilities:-


The cardio area has treadmills, steppers, cross trainers, rowing machines, hand bikes, stairmasters, spin bikes, upright bikes, arc trainers etc... Behind there is a warm up / cool down stretch area and abs area.

An amazing resistance area with the very best branded equipment including Hammers Strength, Life Fitness, Precor, Cybex, Gym 80 etc. covering all body parts and muscle groups, we have doubled up on many items of popular kit so you are not waiting, for example we have two smith machines, three leg presses, many, many chest, back, shoulders and arm machines. We have lighter duty kit for the less experienced trainer and real heavy duty kit for the more experienced trainer. A strength area that doubles up as a general fitness area, including a sprint track, shuttle runs, tug of war rope, sledge pull, tyre flip, heavy duty chains, yoke etc. An extensive functional area including three rigs, with TRX kits, gymnastic rings, kettle bells, plyo boxes, battling ropes, sandbags, rope climbs, rope ladders, cargo net, slam balls, climbing wall. As well as a monkey bar rig. We also have excellent studio facilities offering an extensive range of classes in air conditioned, sound proofed surroundings with sprung floors. There is also a Treatment and Therapy room, offering a wide range of services including Sports Massage etc... We also have a vertical solarium. Many other services will be on offer, from diet & nutrition advice to rehabilitation services.

Our USP:-
The extensive range of equipment we offer. Which is second to none, with a lot of our equipment being imported specifically for us from the USA, as well as a functional area, something that Stamford has not got, including a number of functional rigs, TRX kits, gymnastic rings, plyo boxes, kettle bells, climbing frames, sprint track, sledge pulls, rope & rope ladder climbs, a cargo net, tug of war rope etc... all of this with great studio, wide range of classes and cardio facilities truly makes Rhino’s unique.

Pricing policy:-

We will offer value for money, a simple no strings approach, so you know what you are getting. No joining fee, no contract, no hidden costs, no asterisks, no small print. Pay by the session, the week, the month, half yearly or annually, that’s it. With unbelievably low membership rates for the facilities and equipment offered. The only extra is for the large range of classes, where you can select as you require.


Personal Trainers:-

We have a team of residential fully qualified Personal Trainers, with a diverse range of skills. We will also have a number of guest Personal Trainers who can utilise our facilities for training their existing clients. As well as specific training programmes, diet and nutrition advice will be available.

Reception Area:-

Rhinos has a well-stocked Supplement Shop – Offering a wide range of pre-work out, intra workout and post work out drinks and snacks as well as energy drinks etc.. at fantastic prices, you will be surprised. Merchandise – Rhino’s branded clothing, vests, hoodies, shorts, hats, t-shirts etc... so you can let your friends know you are a member of the best gym in Stamford.


In summary, we are a good honest family wishing to provide a unique and different style of gym to the people of Stamford, we are willing to listen and learn in order to be successful.

Rhinos brings a fresh and refreshing approach to fitness in Stamford.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
We really hope you will join us at Rhino’s

Nick & Sam

We are located at:

Rhino's Gymnasium

Unit 22, Gwash Way Industrial Estate

Ryhall Road




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Monday - Friday - 06:00-21:30


Saturday - Sunday - 07:00-20:00


Bank Holidays - 08:00-17:00

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